Tania Florance holds a master’s degree in counseling psychology with an emphasis in spiritual psychology and is a professional counselor who specializes in pet loss.  She lives in Bend, OR, with her husband, two dogs and parrot.  She offers private sessions in person and via Skype and facilitates two monthly free groups on pet loss.

Solving pet related issues   
Bringing trust & harmony to relationships  
Supporting bereaved pet lovers
Specializing in the Art of Human-Pet Relationships
If you're experiencing any sort of distress around a pet or have recently "lost" one, know there is someone who get's it and who has a unique set of tools to help you move beyond the issue, connect deeply and heal fully...


Bend Pet Express (East-side) - 3rd Tuesday of the month; 4:30 - 6:00 PM    

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This is All About...

Deeper connection with both ourselves and our beloved animal companion.

Strengthened trust in them and in ourselves.
Increased harmony in our relationships.
Let’s face it:  Relationships, even with people who communicate in a language we understand, aren’t always easy. 

​Sharing your life with a being who:

communicates in an entirely different way from our norm

has a completely different view of the world

is enshrouded in a completely different body style

has all sorts of genetic dispositions that demand expression

can simultaneously be the most challenging and the most rewarding of all relationships.

Yet when there’s a problem in the relationship, we typically seek someone to fix the pet or to communicate with the pet on our behalf.

The fact is that our pets can and do communicate very clearly just so often we are incapable of hearing them ourselves because we are blocked

blocked by our own rigid definitions of what is and isn’t communication,

blocked by our narrow window of how they should and shouldn’t behave,

blocked by the mental, emotional and spiritual “baggage” we bring not only to the relationship with them

but also to our relationships with everything and everyone else. 

"Each relationship we have with another reflects the relationship we have with ourselves."~ Alice DeVille

If you're struggling with any sort of connection

be it with your "Self", another human or a pet
be it in health, sickness or death,
let's chat about what it is your dealing with at what support you could use.
No fee.  No commitment. 
And, if we're not a good fit for each other,
I'm happy to refer you to a dog trainer or a counselor.  
What do we have to do with our pet's behaviors?

As Dr. John Bradshaw, renowned animal behaviorist and author, says, "the well-being of both cats and dogs depends critically upon their owners’ perceptions of how they experience that relationship."  He also says that "for most dogs, the attachment they feel towards their owner is fundamental to their well-being...dogs feel that relationship with such an intensity. Thousands of years of selection for animals that are biddable and easy to train has ensured that while dogs enjoy one another’s company, they crave human attention."

In other words, dogs pay close attention to us.  Add to that their keen sense of smell (and the ability to smell the hormones released as a result of our emotions) and you have a being not only totally dependent on us but also deeply in-tune with us so the very real possibility exists that the behavior the dog is animating is a result of something we are doing/not doing or creating/not creating in their environment. 

Time and time again, I have seen a small shift in the human (or the relationships of the humans in the home to each other) create enormous shifts in the behaviors of their pets.

  1. A subtle shift in a belief or clearing of a block in the human, can have profound impact on the pet and the over-all quality of the relationship.    

  2. There is a direct connection between our emotional state and that of our pets.  Most of the time, they're looking at us for information.

  3. Our pets constantly communicating through their behavior and demeanor.

3 Premises

Connection as a Gateway to Healing & Growth

My pets have been my greatest teachers.  I invite you to explore how your life, and your relationship to your pet, would be different if:

You were to look outside the box of the pet’s issues and were to change your view to also include your feelings, stresses and thought and the environment you create for him? 

You were to see your pet as a big emotional mirror in which your state and your pet’s state are connected? 

You were to use your relationship with your pet as a springboard for self-knowledge and self-growth? 

You were to release all the frustration, labels and judgments you’ve placed against your pet and seek to understand them through an informed, open heart?

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