"Some people talk to animals. Not many listen though.
That's the problem."
~ Winnie-the-Pooh (A.A. Milne)

Coaching & Education for Canine Parents

Want a better behaved, more balanced pooch? 

Want to be where he retreats when something scares him?

Want to be able to trust him in reaction-provoking situations?

While a dog's behavior is influenced by many things, huge influencers of it are the climate of the environment he lives in and his relationship with his "person".  As John Bradshaw says, “For most dogs the attachment they feel towards their owner is fundamental to their well being.”


Dog trainers are quick to say they can have a well-behaved pooch while the pooch is with them but as soon as he goes home, he reverts to his "inappropriate" coping strategies.

This is why when a dog is having problems, it is so helpful to look at the dog's person and the environment the dog lives in.  This is why when attempting to train a dog, trainers often also have to train the owner and when animal behaviorists look for clues as to why a dog is behaving a certain way, they evaluate the environment the dog does the behavior in.

Even in highly-attached and well-meaning homes, it is almost impossible for people to be objective about how their own behaviors, way of being and relationships impact their dog. 

We are just not taught to think that way, however, when we do, everyone wins because we’re able to create healthy environments for our dog, our family and our “Self” to thrive in.

Canine Parent Coaching is about helping the one holding the leash to transform their relationship with their dog into one of trust, respect and understanding.

These sessions are about training pet parents how to communicate with this particular pet, how to bond with them, how to become their "safe zone", how to touch them in a way that heals their past trauma, how to replace unwanted behaviors with positive behaviors and how to create a environment that allows the dog -- and all members of the family -- to thrive.

This is an article about someone providing similar services and who calls herself a "canine counselor".  Very worth the read.

This article in the Huffington Post (and elsewhere) is about research into pet-parent / dog dynamics.  It's titled, Do You and Your Dog Need Couples Counseling.

A pet's behavior does not exist in a vacuum.  The climate of their environment that the humans create for them has tremendous impact on their behaviors, especially in dogs and parrots.  By addressing our own emotional states, the way we "hold" the pet inside ourself and our relationship with "life" we create a more hospitable environment for our everyone, including our pets, to thrive in.

If this approach speaks to you, please call!  The first session is free to give us a chance to get to know each other and give you a feel for how this work can transform your relationship with your dog.

Couples Counseling for You & Your Dog

For many of us, the importance of our “animal companions” can’t be over-stated.  Our relationship with our dogs, cats, horses, parrots are just as valid, just as significant, maybe even more so, than our relationships with other humans.

Yet, when they’re not getting along with one another or are animating behaviors we’d rather them not or are “pushing our buttons”, we can be quick to point the finger and blame them.

We’re not taught to consider that our pets have valid reasons for behaving the way they’re behaving.  No one has shown us all the ways our pets may actually know us better than we know ourselves.  It never occurs to us that the cat’s constant pacing in the window sill or the dog’s fence fighting could be something to do with us or the environment we create for them.

We do things like label them, hire trainers to “fix them”, tolerate the behavior and the stress it creates for us, and we settle for compromised relationships with them…

A dog's behavior is influenced by a variety of factors including health, genetics, past experiences, coping skills they've taught themselves, their human's moods, the relationships of the humans in the home and how each human interacts with them.

In Love & Leash Therapy, “we” change the focus from what our pet is doing to what “we” are doing.  “We” focus on “our” thoughts, our bodies, our states, our relationship with ourselves and to others in our household.  We explore how all of that could be impacting our animal friend.  We hypothesize about what our pet could be reflecting to us about us and we seek to uncover their good intentions.

What is the purpose of any type of therapy if it isn’t to

Address issues that limit us

Connect us with our deepest truths

Open our hearts wider to loving?

A small shift in us can have enormous impact on the Spirited Being we call "our Pet”.  

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