"Each relationship with another reflects the relationship you have with yourself."
~ Alice DeVille

In-home Family Therapy/Coaching Sessions to resolve conflict, improve communication & increase loving interactions.   

Families are complex webs of relationships and, sometimes, need help.  This is particularly true when one member is struggling, when "tense topics" are escalating and when "triangles" are getting out-of-hand.  It's times like this that bringing in a family "coach" can help get everyone back on the same team, playing the same game by the same, agreed-upon rules. 

As a neutral (and skilled) third-party, my job is to foster communication and connection where there was conflict and separation.

I clarify the motivations, needs and skill set of each family member.

I get real communication flowing.

I bring in fresh perspectives, light-heartedness and focus.  

If you’re ready to address issues within your partnership or family, please call me for a free consultation.  I offer in your home family sessions, no matter the issue(s) and also support couples and individuals.

Pets can make our homes more harmonious, they can be the center of stress or they can play the role of "scapegoat". 

When human beliefs about the pet(s) clash, a new pet is introduced, a pet has “behavioral problems” or the family experiences a huge change (grandpa moves in, step-families blend, partners separate), family dynamics get tricky and often things get worse, instead of better.  

Are you experiencing some sort of “upset” between you and your partner or within your family that seems to be centered around a pet?  

This upset could look like:

  • "our new pet is making us all crazy”

  • “my partner absolutely does not like my parrot”

  • “the kids promised to clean the cat’s litter box but aren’t”

  • “my dad thinks the dog shouldn’t come in the house”

  • “my spouse gives more affection to the cat than me”

  • “my wife is spending way too much money on the horses”

  • "we're separating and we both want the dog"

and the list goes on and on.

Families are complex webs of interconnected relationships, interactions and dynamics in which pets are a huge part of. 


Pet Focused Therapy

It's times like this bringing in a family "coach" can help get everyone back on the same team and playing the same game...by the same rules.

So often, family coaching can mean the difference between a pet being successful in a home and the family surrendering him.  It can be especially helpful for families attempting to integrate a new dog into their home (especially if the dog is from another country, has a painful past or is a breed they are unfamiliar with), when an existing pet is exhibiting behavioral problems and during times of stress.

Here's a link to a great article I found entitled " Are Pets Causing Problems in Your Relationship".

Supporting Pet Parents through pet-loss counseling, therapy, coaching & educating

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