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Customized 30 minute sessions that are a combination of magnetic therapy using a "pemf" machine, the circulation promoting "chi" machine and/or hands-off energy healing to support the cells & systems of the body, balance the energy meridians and quiet the mind.

About PEMF / Magnetic Therapy

Cells and body systems can be thought of to each have their own battery.  Under ideal conditions, these batteries are automatically recharged by the body but dis-eases, dehydration, poor diet, (etc.) interfere with the body's ability to heal itself.  

The "batteries" in our cells can be "recharged" by supplying them with magnetic energy.  Treatment with a PEMF wellness device is a safe and non-invasive adjunct to other forms of traditional and alternative wellness and are proven to stimulate cellular processes.

Magnetic therapy, which is relatively unknown in the US, has been used for decades here primarily to treat bone fractures and support healing after surgery.  Dr. Oz devoted an entire episode to using PEMF technology for chronic pain.  He explains the technology in a series of videos from that program.  The videos are well-worth sitting through the obligatory advertisement.

Dr. Oz "introduces" PEMF healing to the U.S.
Videos from his show "The Revolutionary Cure for Pain"  sold me on the power of these relatively unknown wellness devices.  

My Path to Magnetic Therapy

"Magnetic therapy offers a way for patients to treat, or even erase their chronic pain. The treatments use moving magnets, creating energy waves that change the way your body copes with pain."
~ Dr. Mehmet Oz

My beloved heart-dog developed bone-on-bone arthritis and hip-dysplasia and started having trouble getting up and going up stairs. 

His physical therapist recommended a device the veterinarians sale called the Assisi Loop.  I almost bought one because I was desperate to reduce his pain and the laser treatments didn’t seem to be helping.  Instead, I got to researching and found out the Assis Loop worked using a extremely low-intensity Pulsed Electromagnetic Field.


The more I learned about what higher intensity PEMFs could do for a body and how they worked, the more mystified I was that I had never heard of them.

The more I learned, the more convinced I was that this is proven and safe technology and that, if I purchased a powerful enough system, I could reduce my boy's inflammation, decrease his pain and improve the quality of his life.   

I also saw the potential healing it offered for my own conditions and my husband’s chronic lower back pain so I set out to find a system that could treat all of us for all our ailments.  I also read the most comprehensive book on the topic and had multiple phone consultations with one of the world's foremost authorities on PEMFs.

After just a few minutes on the machine, I found my mind as calm and my body as relaxed as after 30 minutes of meditation or intensive yoga and, for the relaxation inducing properties, alone, I was hooked.


I started seeing significant improvement in "my boy" (aka Popeye, my "dog") after about six sessions:  he was getting up easier, stretching on his own more and playing more with his canine brother.  During that time, I also noticed I was sleeping better, feeling more robust and the tense spots in my neck were significantly improved.  Now, 6 weeks later, Popeye is putting full weight on his compromised leg and able to easily go up and down stairs!  

Similar Technologies You've Probably Heard Of

If you’ve ever gone into a physical therapist and they attached the nodes with wires to your sore spots, that’s called a TENS unit.  TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and it’s using electricity directly applied to the body to stimulate cells.


LASER treatments which are so readily available for both people and pets work by emission of electromagnetic radiation to stimulate cells.   

Both TENS and LASER only treat a very small area, don’t penetrate deep into the body and it is absolutely possible to over-do it. 


With PEMF, it is possible to treat large areas (on Popie, his entire body), the signals penetrate entirely through the body and it doesn’t impact the cells with "fully charged batteries".


PEMF treatments are similar to acupressure in that they also stimulate the energy meridians. 

What Does A Treatment Involve?

Relaxation!  Basically, it's you and/or your pet and what looks a little like a yoga mat for 30 minutes. 


All the pets I have treated completely relax on the mat.  I can tell Popie "Mat" and he'll run to it and lie down and a few minutes later will be sound asleep.

As for humans, it depends on what relaxation is to them.  For some, it looks like reclining with a good book or magazine.  Some prefer lying flat with a lavender scented eye mask and soft music. 

Here's another really cool thing about this machine:  the pulses emit from both sides so it is possible to put the mat on top of a human and then put a small dog or cat on top of it on their lap and treat both simultaneously.  

A short-term coarse of treatment is most helpful for promoting over-all health, relaxing the body & mind, balancing energy meridians and healing broken bones, strained muscles, wounds and surgery recovery.   


I am now offering use of this powerful wellness device to people, cats and dogs at very affordable prices.

For humans, PEMF therapy can be combined with counseling, energy work and/or the circulation/chi increasing effects of another beloved tool, a chi machine.  Through a simple "swaying" motion the machine causes the body to make, circulation of both blood and lymph is improved.  I have seen chi machines have dramatic and immediate impact on leg swelling and now use the combination of the Chi Machine and PEMF Wellness Device daily myself.

Energetic Healing


Energetic healing is a hand-off approach to support our energetic or light bodies. Our Light Body is normally over-looked both by traditional medicine and in traditional counseling yet is so important to our over-all health, well-being and to the way life "feels" to us. 

When we are energetically out-of-balance, full of static, or blocked, healing on any level is much more difficult.  Even super-healthy, happy individuals benefit from energy work to keep their fields clear of accumulating debris. (More).   

Having studied and practiced Pranic Healing since 2000 and having been a Level III Reiki initiate since 1998 it’s impossible for me to separate the energetic component from the rest of the being (hence, part of the reason I refer to my work as Holistic).  


Through using energy healing to straighten health-rays, remove blocks and amp-up weak spots, the light-body becomes more effective and the over-all wellness of both pets and people is supported. Through channeling "chi" or "prana", energy is deliberately sent to support the being on their journey - even if that journey has brought them to the end of their life on Earth.  

Deep Relaxation


So often, we are so involved in our issues and our personality and beliefs are so locked-in we no longer can "see the forest through the trees".  The stress we experience becomes stored not only in our bodies but in the fabric of our beings.  (More).

Deep Relaxation to support all our levels (physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual) is a tool I have been using since 2000 and is incredibly powerful in moving us from "coping" to healing" and creating both short and long-term change.

Through a verbal "induction" or use of magnetic therapy, the pressure valve is opened slightly and our body and our conscious, thinking mind can let out a giant exhale.  We get to take a short trip away from all the stressors in our lives and just "be".  It is here that we can truly receive healing energies and release that which no longer serves us.  

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