If your pet is  "going on hospice" or your considering euthanasia for them, please call me.  Know you don't have to go through this alone...so often we Americans are so uncomfortable with death we don't know how to let go and support one another at times like this...so often people will project the "it's only a pet" b.s. on us, so often the feelings of others only make our decisions -- and our sacred task of Animal Steward -- harder.  So often, we are so very upset, we simply can't make rational decisions on our own.  My mission is to support you in bringing your wisest, most grounded Self to this stage of your pet's journey and be present for them when they need you most.   Counseling available via Skype/Phone.

A common theme in pet loss support groups is people either regretting they waited too long before ending their pet's suffering via euthanasia or wondering if they could have waited.  The “whole hind-sight thing” is simply awful. 

The people who have no regrets made the decision from a place that was in-tune both with the soul of their beloved pet (their “Selfless Heart”) and with their rational mind. Yet, during the decision-making time, both of these places can be completely obscured, clouded by shock, suffering and, even, our own reluctance to let the pet go.  That's where a pet specific hospice counselor can help.

Through hospice / anticipatory grief counseling, my intention is to help you find clarity and peace and come to a decision you will not second guess later. 

By offering a grounded presence and deep compassion, you’ll be guided in exploring what remaining questions you need answers to, what your Selfless Heart is wanting you to know and how to tell the difference between Its voice and the voice of your human-ness. 

We’ll make a safe space for the human that is you to:

“process”, make peace with what's now happening and prepare properly

So that when the time comes, you’ll be able to give your companion your blessing...

and strength for their transition....

So that when the time comes, you'll show up for them wise, Selfless and strong. 

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