Closure.  Acceptance.  Rememberance:  these are the reason humans do Memorial  / Celebration of Life Ceremonies for other humans.  And for pets.  Yet for pets, I would add another reason:  Validation. 


Validation that the being that was our beloved pet mattered. 

That our relationship with them was deep, real and significant. 

Validation that our grief is valid.

Pet Memorial Ceremonies / Celebrations of Life are like placing a period to the last sentence in a chapter called “My Pet's Time on Earth”.  They help you and “the family” come to a place of acceptance and kindle the memories prior to the trauma…when your friend had aliveness and personality and attitude.   

These ceremonies all look and feel different and they all offer opportunity for deep healing.   They are officiated according to your beliefs, your needs and your sense of beauty.  Through telling the story of the life that was your pet’s - either to me so I can write and read the eulogy - or writing and reading it yourself, you begin moving toward acceptance.​ 

Then, with support from prayer, poem, song, ritual and friends (whatever you choose), a new chapter is allowed to open and space is made for a new type of relationship to emerge.  The life and the death of your friend now makes a little more sense and your will to keep the happy memories and the lessons from your time together strengthened.

Pet Blessing & Naming Ceremonies 

Announce the arrival of a newly adopted family member
Set the tone for crazy, wonderful lives together

Bring a very sacred element into your relationship

The pet, and sometimes his/her pet buddies, are present and relationships are created and renewed intentionally. 

These ceremonies are especially powerful when children are involved and can offer their "hopes" or "blessings" for a new pet, solidifying the animal as a member of the family. 


"Ritual and Ceremony are powerful bonding tools. They result in a sense of community, a feeling of unity far beyond what you might expect." ~ Del Suggs

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