Tania Florance, MA (formerly Crawford)

and one of her favorite teachers (and retired co-therapist), Popeye.

I have been well-loved, and well-trained, by many, many dogs.


All my life I've sought ways to help them, heal them, communicate with them....get closer to them.  

I've also done the same with humans.  Studying humans has taken me to a master’s degree in counseling psychology with an emphasis in spiritual psychology.  (USM, 2004)


For years, I worked as a professional hospice bereavement counselor and in community mental health as a“Qualified Mental Health Specialist”. 

Now, both personally and professionally, my paths have led me here...to helping people be the best animal stewards possible...to helping people push their definition of what it means to be connected to self and another being; to helping people heal from the devastating loss of a "pet"... to helping people love (themselves) more authentically.  

I am passionate about the validity of the pet-human bond and know that "pets" love us like no other -- so problems in our relationship with them or their death can be both our greatest challenges and our greatest learning opportunities. 

Supporting people in being the most-loving people they can be is my mission in life and I fully believe that starts with "love of Self".  Through our open hearts, we can truly connect with the world and the awesome beings - both human and animal -- around us.  It would be an honor to companion you on any stage of your or your pet's journey.   

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Enneagram, Astrology & Ayurveda Savvy

Certified Pet Loss Counselor

Master of Arts, Counseling Psychology with emphasis in Spiritual Psychology. 

Supporting Pet Parents through pet-loss counseling, therapy, coaching & educating

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