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With The Self

With Other People

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One true heart speaks to another, using the language of the heart,
and in that bond both are healed.  ~ Deepak Chopra

Process "It"...Accept "It"... Release "It"... Integrate "It"

Holistic  Counseling & Alternative Therapies to:

Address issues that limit us

Understand, accept & love ourselves better

Express our "Essence" in fuller, deeper & more profound ways

For me, it's all about "THE Loving": How connected to It am I?
What pulls me away from It?  What brings me back?

These are the central questions which not only informs my life but also my work with other people.


life isn't working,

your peace is disturbed,

your relationships are hollow or stressful,

you're short-tempered, anxious, disappointed...

you play, drink, smoke , rage more than you'd like

have a low-level "nagging" feeling that you're just not good enough...

my bet is there are serious breaks in your connection with Your Loving.

Simply stated: the more connected we are with Our Loving, the more Peace we feel - even when the world is in chaos and life seems to be whirling. 


The connection with our Loving can be interfered with by things like:  old stories, judgments, emotional wounds, the edges of our personality, life’s big and little challenges, physical ailments, unresolved issues, limiting beliefs, stress, trauma that is still stuck in us…the myriad of things that “push our buttons”, quietly nag at us, or send us running for cover.

Paradoxically, we so often need to access Our Loving in order to heal the blocks yet the blocks seem to obscure it from us.  

As Albert Einstein said,

"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness

that created it."

For me, that often means moving beyond the level of the fully conscious mind where the issue is “housed”.  If our thinking mind knew the answers and could resolve our issues, it would have long ago. 


Even something as simple as doing therapy while walking allows access to different pathways in the brain and new “a ha’s”. 

Then there are techniques that deliberately slow the busy beta brainwaves into a more dreamy state where stories can be revealed, issues healed and acceptance gained.  Deep relaxation, guided imagery, breath-work, movement and non-dominant hand exercises are all super powerful, yet non-threatening, tools I love.

In the course of a counseling appointment, I also often call upon hands-off energetic healing with the focus of calming the “static” that stress, strong emotions and crazy behaviors create in the Light Body.  Just a few minutes of this work can be energizing, clearing and grounding and a great help in integration. 

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